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Digital Loans

Because digital images are often suitable substitutes for specimens, physical loans are not normally granted except for special purposes. It is possible to request high resolution images of details of already digitized specimens, or the ad-hoc digitization of particular specimens not yet available online.

Virtual Herbarium

The Virtual Herbarium is a searchable inventory, by label texts and correlated specimen images, some of the holdings of the University of Palermo Botanical Garden Herbarium. To make the herbarium collections accessible online, in 2009 the creation of a daily updated electronic inventory of the herbarium was initiated. Currently it consists of approximately 104,000 specimen entries, but only for a selection of families are high-resolution digital images available, in a format that allows zooming in by means of a browser. Those specimen images are of sufficient quality to permit the viewing of such features as can be seen with a hand lens. This page provides access to data and images of Herbarium specimens.

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